Animectomia (single)

by Kanjante

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Kanjante’s second single “Animectomia”, from the upcoming album Klessidra.
Written, recorded, mixed & mastered by Kanjante.
Released 07 February 2016.
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All rights reserved by Kanjante


Another shadow passes by
these walls are my comfort now.
It’s always a matter of time
to fall into a deep despair.
Once, twice, this is getting violent.
Stop lying to me like I’m some kind of fool
I know that we’ve never planned to be alive.
I wont let you dive in the rivers I cried.

Sometimes letting go is harder than ever,
we’re always convinced to be the one;
With the touch of your hand
and the spark in your eye,
you got me down with their spell.
I guess time wont make it right,
cause this kind of shit doesn’t have a deadline.
It doesn’t fucking have a deadline.

So tell me you’re sorry,
tell me you didn’t want this to hurt,
throw up all your kind words, all you want,
and it still doesn’t cut.
oh no, Who would have known...
This is getting violent.
This is getting violent.

So tell me, how am I supposed to feel?
I’m made of skin and bones, not steel.
Let the darkness arise to fill the emptiness,
a soul the color of coal to be removed.
This is getting violent.
This is getting violent.
This is getting violent.
This is getting violent.
Give me your knife and shred my skin
and make the holes as wide as you can
I need to show the bones,
split them up to grab the demon that dwells inside.
This is the Devil’s den,

Spill your holy water or paint it white back again,
for it will never feel as it used to be.
Sometimes no matter how hard we try
no matter how we feel, how we love:
Cause some things just need to die.
Die hard.


released February 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Kanjante Trento, Italy

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