Gnonomis [Klessidra Pt. 2] (single)

by Kanjante

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Kanjante’s third single “Gnonomis (Klessidra Pt. 2)”, from the upcoming debut album “Klessidra”.
Written, recorded, mixed & mastered by Kanjante.
Released 07 April 2016.

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All rights reserved by Kanjante


There are no excuses for what you've done
You played with me all along
There are no excuses for what you've done
You played with me all along

Oh no, the hourglass overturned
Now the time has changed
We're flowing back to the start
I need to set my love apart
But the promises made, they were ours for the taken
Tell me where did I go wrong
The visions of you are running colorless

How dare you saying we wasted our lives away
The time spent in this curse clearly wasn’t enough
I stood by my chances and got 'em all
But your deceptive being stained your soul

Derailed from the safe path I was on
Deralied, wrecked and broken down

Once again I've been fooled by those eyes
And now you're saying it's the love you despise
And I could not imagine you would call me a fool
You ripped my heart out, isn’t this cruel enough?

I took your hand and held it tight my love
We swore we were gonna fly above
The laws of the Gods, may they forgive our odds
Let's take this to a whole new level of... sin


And from your fears you run
Knowing I could have been the one
Deep seeded paranoia
For a love that ended way too soon

Overrunning your spell
would break my head in half
But it's a price that I gotta pay
I will avenge with ransom

The echoes of my love
Rumbling through this glass
It's so crystal clear
Let me out my dear
My dear


released April 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Kanjante Trento, Italy

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